What History Box can do for you

History Box provides professional historical research in the UK. Please find below some of the types of project that History Box can undertake. This list is by no means exhaustive so please do get in touch if you can’t see what you are after.

  • Television, film and radio production companies, writers and scriptwriters: History Box research can be used to inform factual and fictional works.  I can undertake research on social, cultural, political and other histories in Britain to your required level of detail using available archival, historiographical, film, media and image resources, as well as interviews where desirable and possible. I can also contribute as a ‘talking head’.
  • Brand owners, brand agencies and companies: History Box can research brand and product history and heritage to discover stories, facts and imagery relevant to the identity, marketing and packaging of your product/service. And if your company is celebrating a milestone year, History Box can put together an engaging and informative account of the history of your company.
  • Curators and exhibitors, arts and heritage organisations: Do you need someone to help with research for a new historical collection or exhibition? History Box can undertake research into objects, people, ideas and, if needed, help to organise them into an engaging exhibition narrative and/or catalogue. I can also help with catalogue writing.
  • Magazines and newspapers: need someone reputable to write a piece on a historical topic? Take a look at the ‘Blog’ and ‘Praise’ sections of the website to see what I can bring to your publication.
  • Individuals: Would you like to discover more about your own history? History Box can help you uncover your family history, such as how, where and when past relatives lived, as well as the history of your home. Please note that unfortunately I don’t provide genealogical services. If you would like to build a family tree, I suggest contacting a specialist via the National Archives’ independent researchers listing.
  • Fellow researchers and historians: History Box can assist you in your research by accessing archives and libraries you may not be able to get to yourself. I can find and, where possible, photocopy/digitise documents and images, and carry out fact checking.
  • General interest: Interested in a particular historical topic but don’t know where to start with reading and learning? History Box can put together an engaging and accessible summary of the historiography of your chosen subject, highlighting the principal facts, works and ideas surrounding it.

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