Who is History Box?

FINAL PHOTOHistory Box is me, Dr Ariane Galy. Through History Box, I offer professional historical research and analysis in the UK. I have a Ph.D. in History and over a decade of research and writing experience.

As well as undertaking research, I taught European history c.1500 to the present day for several years at one of Europe’s most prestigious research institutions, the University of Edinburgh. I have extensive experience of presenting historical events and contexts, as well as my own research, in clear, accessible and engaging ways in both written and spoken form for a variety of audiences. I have a large network of contacts made up of specialists in a number of fields and being based in London means I have easy access to the city’s rich library and archival resources.

Qualifications and experience summary:

  • MA (Hons), MSc by Research, Ph.D. (History)
  • 10 years of archival and historiographical research
  • 4 years of teaching European History at the University of Edinburgh, for which I was nominated for an Edinburgh University Students’ Association Teaching Award
  • Delivering history presentations and papers to a variety of specialist and non-specialist audiences
  • Historical blog and website writing
  • Contributing as a ‘talking head’ on historical topics
  • Proofreading for academic journal article submissions, and academic and non academic website copy and book drafts
  • Native French/English bilingualism

© Ariane Galy and History Box, 2018.

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